Hongkong Post e-Cert
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Note : The information provided in this page is for reference only:

1. Avoid unauthorized access to your e-Cert file

You have the sole responsibility to keep your Smart ID Card, your e-Cert storage medium containing your e-Cert file (including your private key) and your e-Cert PIN under your own safe custody.

In particular, you should:

  • AVOID leaving your Smart ID Card and your e-Cert storage medium in which your e-Cert is stored unattended;
  • AVOID disclosing your e-Cert file or e-Cert PIN to any one else;
  • AVOID importing your e-Cert file into any computer that is not under your own use (e.g. public computer facilities).
    You should use your "e-Cert on Smart ID Card" if you need to use e-Cert on computer that is not under your own use.

2. More about information security


You may visit this web site for further information: https://www.infosec.gov.hk.